Firefighter Hitch Cover Wholesale & Group Orders

Wholesale_Boxes_LabelInterested in placing a wholesale order or becoming a distributer?

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Wholesale Opportunities

Are you the owner of a business? If you are interested in retailing our patented Fireman Hitch Cover, then WATERONTHEWAY.COM has the right options available for you. As a wholesale customer you will enjoy lower prices than the bulk group discount. A minimum first time order of 25 units is required to become a wholesale customer. Wholesaler’s are also not permitted to sell items in various market places such as e-Bay or Amazon.


Interested in ordering for a group?

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Group Orders

Are you a large family or Fire Department? We offer group orders starting as low as 5 units! Group orders must be placed all at the same time. Group orders are normally restricted to Fire Companys, EMS, Government Organizations or other Emergency Services. Please contact us for more information.